Review:Journey into Mystery #103


“The Enchantress and the Executioner”,Published:February 4,1964 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Chic Stone,Letters:Sam Rosen

Journey into Mystery #103 was made for me to love. We’ve got the first appearance of two new villains,carryover plot from last issue,intrigue for Donald Blake,a capable combatant for Thor,tons [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #102


“Slave of Zarrko,the Tomorrow Man”,Published:January 3rd,1964 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Chic Stone,Letters:Artie Simek

In the last issue,Loki manipulated Odin into removing half of Thor’s power,robbing him of the strength needed to defeat Zarrko. As a result,Thor was forced to surrender and travel to [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #101


“The Return of Zarrko,the Tomorrow Man”,Published:December 5th,1963 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:G. Bell,Letters:Sam Rosen

This cover doesn’t know it,but a new era in Thor comics does begin here. Jack Kirby returns with this issue and,together with Stan Lee,the two will steer Thor’s future [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #86


“On the Trail of the Tomorrow Man”,Published:November 1962 Writer:Stan Lee &Larry Lieber,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Dick Ayers,Letters:Artie Simek

First,I want to think all of the IAT readers who made the jump over here yesterday. It was a great “grand opening”for The Daily Thor! And special thanks [...]