Review:Journey into Mystery #98


“Challenged by the Human Cobra”,Published:September 3rd,1963 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Don Heck,Inks:Don Heck,Letters:Art Simek

It’s not easy being a Thunder God. It’s also probably not easy writing a Thunder God. This is Thor’s 16th issue and giving him convincing villains has probably been the biggest difficulty so far. [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #97


“The Mighty Thor Battles the Lava Man”,“Tales of Asgard”Published:August 1st,1963 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Dick Ayers,Letters:Art Simek

This is a super special issue. I know this because it says so right on the cover.

As modern readers,we’re trained to quickly scoff at any comic [...]