Review:Journey into Mystery #91


“Sandu,Master of the Supernatural”,Published:April 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Larry Lieber,Penciler:Joe Sinnott,Inks:Joe Sinnott,Letters:Terry Szenics

This issue finds Thor battling a familiar foe,albeit indirectly. I’m always glad to see Loki,but it reminds me that Thor’s rogues gallery is still rather thin. It’s basically been aliens,[...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #90


“Trapped by the Carbon-Copy Man”,Published:March 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Larry Lieber,Penciler:Al Hartley,Inks:Al Hartley,Letters:Terry Szenics

After last issue,it’s safe to say that I was ready for something completely different. I definitely got that – a fill-in artist,an alien invasion,and two one-on-one battles between our [...]