Review:Journey into Mystery #111


“The Power of the Thunder God!”,Published:October 1st,1964 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Chic Stone,Letters:Art Simek

Last issue,Thor was in quite the predicament. He had caused an explosion that left Jane’s life hanging in the balance,but couldn’t help her due to his being under the combined assault [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #103


“The Enchantress and the Executioner”,Published:February 4,1964 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Chic Stone,Letters:Sam Rosen

Journey into Mystery #103 was made for me to love. We’ve got the first appearance of two new villains,carryover plot from last issue,intrigue for Donald Blake,a capable combatant for Thor,tons [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #101


“The Return of Zarrko,the Tomorrow Man”,Published:December 5th,1963 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:G. Bell,Letters:Sam Rosen

This cover doesn’t know it,but a new era in Thor comics does begin here. Jack Kirby returns with this issue and,together with Stan Lee,the two will steer Thor’s future [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #92


“The Day Loki Stole Thor’s Magic Hammer”,Published:May 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Robert Bernstein,Penciler:Joe Sinnott,Inks:Joe Sinnott,Letters:Martin Epp

It’s finally time to whip out the favorite tag! This issue gave me a scare early on after an Asgardian setup quickly deteriorated to a thug of the week story,[...]