Review:Journey into Mystery #120


“The Day of the Destroyer!”,Published:July 1st,1965 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Vince Colletta,Letters:Art Simek

With that pesky annual out of the way,it’s time to get back to our monthly title. If you’ll recall,Journey into Mystery #119 left Thor with a bit of a to-do list. Jane [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #115


“The Vengeance of the Thunder God!”,Published:February 4th,1965 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Frank Giacoia,Letters:Art Simek

Journey into Mystery #115 finds Thor with quite the to-do list. First and foremost,he must save Jane,but that means defeating Loki,and then there’s that unfinished fight with the Absorbing Man. [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #114


“The Strong I Am,The Sooner I Die!”,Published:January 5th,1965 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Chic Stone,Letters:Sam Rosen

Journey into Mystery #114 feels like a new beginning in the annals of Thor. It’s a new year (1965),Loki’s got a new look,and after the last few issues,[...]