Review:Journey into Mystery #97


“The Mighty Thor Battles the Lava Man”,“Tales of Asgard”Published:August 1st,1963 Writer:Stan Lee,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Dick Ayers,Letters:Art Simek

This is a super special issue. I know this because it says so right on the cover.

As modern readers,we’re trained to quickly scoff at any comic [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #94


“Thor and Loki Attack the Human Race”,Published:July 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Robert Bernstein,Penciler:Joe Sinnott,Inks:Joe Sinnott,Letters:Sam Rosen

This was one of those Thor comics I was warned about. It’s not because Journey into Mystery #94 features Loki as the main villain again,although my enjoyment of his character [...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #92


“The Day Loki Stole Thor’s Magic Hammer”,Published:May 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Robert Bernstein,Penciler:Joe Sinnott,Inks:Joe Sinnott,Letters:Martin Epp

It’s finally time to whip out the favorite tag! This issue gave me a scare early on after an Asgardian setup quickly deteriorated to a thug of the week story,[...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #91


“Sandu,Master of the Supernatural”,Published:April 1963 Writer:Stan Lee &Larry Lieber,Penciler:Joe Sinnott,Inks:Joe Sinnott,Letters:Terry Szenics

This issue finds Thor battling a familiar foe,albeit indirectly. I’m always glad to see Loki,but it reminds me that Thor’s rogues gallery is still rather thin. It’s basically been aliens,[...]

Review:Journey into Mystery #85


“Trapped by Loki,the God of Mischief!”,Published:October 1962 Writer:Stan Lee &Larry Lieber,Penciler:Jack Kirby,Inks:Dick Ayers,Letters:Artie Simek

It’s an old trope in comics that a hero is only as good as his villain. Though it’s probably said a little too much,that doesn’t make it any less [...]