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The idea for this site started few weeks ago while I was working on an article for my blog at ItsAllTrue.Net. If you’re not familiar with IAT,it’s an action figure blog. It offers news,checklists,and toy reviews. And we have a very specific format for those reviews,we think that they should always include a quick look or recap into the history of the character the toy is based on. I think knowing more about the origins of the characters can help a collector to appreciate the toy a little more (or a little less in some cases). I’m happiest when I get to review superhero toys because they usually require much less research on my part. I’ve been reading comics since I was a wee tot and while there’s plenty about comics I don’t know,I felt like I had a good handle on the big characters from DC &Marvel comics.

Then,a Hasbro Marvel Universe 2-pack featuring Loki &the Frost Giant came up for review. As I started working on it,I realized very quickly that the article was going to take more research than most. See,you never quite know what you don’t know. And it turned out that in all the comic reading I’d done across three decades,I’d never gotten around to picking up a Thor comic.

I’d read him here and there. I’ve bought various runs of Avengers. I’ve seen Thor spotlighted in crossovers or seen him get a cameo or guest spot in an occasional comic that I was reading,but,without realizing it,I’d gone nearly thirty years without reading a comic that starred Thor specifically. The only things I knew about Thor were vague,partially informed by an episode of Spider-Man &His Amazing Friends,and potentially rather wrong. In researching the Loki review,I’d inadvertantly stumbled upon a gaping hole in my comic knowledge.

And I have a really bad habit that manifests itself when I realize I don’t know something. I want to learn everything I can about it.

I read up on some Thor history to get the basics. I read some interviews with various creators and I talked to friends who were far bigger Thor fans than I. One of them agreed to share his various Masterworks,Omnibuses,and trades with me so I could catch up on Thor. I called up my comic shop for some uncollected back issues and also added the current titles to my pull list.

I realized that,with a little help from those friends,I had access to almost every issue of Thor’s primary title and it gave me a crazy idea.

What if I read Thor from the beginning? I’d start with his debut in the summer of 1962 and read through until I caught up to the comics that were shipping now. It sounded fun. Then,I thought,what if I blogged about it as I went?

And here we are at The Daily Thor.

The premise is simple. Starting the Monday after Free Comic Book Day (May 9th),I’m going to read Journey into Mystery #83 and post a review of it here at The Daily Thor. Then,I’ll be posting a new review of each following issue five times a weak until I’m caught up to the current issues. Initially,I’m limiting this experiment to the regular Thor title,but as time passes – and hopefully with the help of regular readers more knowledgeable about Thor than I – we may adjust The Reading List to add in some important Thor appearances from comics in which he wasn’t the starring character too. I’ve already received one suggestion to include a couple of “What If” issues,for example.

That’s basically it. Provided I’m healthy and of sound mind,this site will update regularly for the next seventeen to eighteen months as I read each issue and learn everything I can about Thor.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride. In addition to this blog,The Daily Thor has joined Facebook and Twitter so you can “like”and “follow”us in your own way and at your own pace.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll see you tomorrow,and the next day,and the next day,and…you get the idea.

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  • Benning

    I found a link here in one of your reviews and wondered what it was. I guess I’m not supposed to be here yet,but this sounds like a cool idea. Good luck with it!

  • This is such a cool idea. I love that you’re filling a gap in your comic knowledge in such grand style. I look forward to reading your thoughts on some of my favorite issues and time periods.

  • Hi,I am a faithful reader of ItsAllTrue.Net for quite some time and have just found this blog of yours. Funny thing is that I have read only very few Thor comics although I am a big superhero comic fan. One reason is that here in germany for the most time of my youth no Thor comics were published. I have read only some stories that were printed as secondary story in issues of Spider-man. In the last ten years there were more comics about Thor and the Avengers but I have never given him very much attention until the recent movie. What I want to say is I really like the idea and I think I’m going to follow your journey to learn about the adventures of Thor :) .

  • Hola,te comparto esta documentación para que hagas más PIPS

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