The Daily Thor Returns!

First,I want to let everyone know ItsAllTrue.Net &TheDailyThor.Com will both officially resume operations tomorrow,but I do want to use this space to dole out and a few thank yous and also to give out a couple links about what’s going on here in Joplin before we get back to our regular schedule.


We’ll be off-air for a couple days…

Yesterday afternoon,a powerful tornado hit my hometown,Joplin,Missouri. The tornado left a mile wide path of destruction that basically split the city in two. My friends,family,and I are all safe,but I’m going to be putting the site on hold for a few days.


Welcome to The Daily Thor


The idea for this site started few weeks ago while I was working on an article for my blog at ItsAllTrue.Net. If you’re not familiar with IAT,it’s an action figure blog. It offers news,checklists,and toy reviews. And we have a very specific format for those reviews,we think that they should [...]